Inspired by the insanely popular Japanese pinball style game, Pachinko is here!

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The Pachinko Game

Pachinko is a pinball style game based on the popular Japanese classic, Pachinko.
The essence of the game is that the player buys a number of balls at a selected value per ball.
The player then releases the balls into the play area where they can trigger features and win more balls.
Once all the initial balls have been released, the player can either choose to exchange the balls they have won, back for cash or to continue to play them in further rounds, where the prize values increase.

How to Play The Pachinko Game

Selecting your starting stake
The player can select how many balls they wish to play and also the value of each ball.
There are both Stake and Ball Selectors, both of which have up and down buttons to either increase or decrease how many balls you buy, as well as selecting the value of these balls.
The total stake for each game is determined by the number of balls selected, multiplied by the stake value of the balls.

Starting the Game
Once the game is ready to begin, the Shoot and AutoShoot buttons become active.
The power with which the balls are released is controlled by the location of the red dial of the “Shoot” button, the further to the right it is the more power the balls are released with, it is placed wherever the player clicks on the button and can be repositioned during auto play. If using autoplay the rate at which the balls are released can be adjusted to faster or slower.
As the player releases balls the Balls Remaining field in the top left corner counts down until it reaches 0, at which point the player can’t release any more balls.
The balls are released onto the Pachinko table; this consists of a background image plus a number of obstacles for the balls to bounce off and buckets for them to fall into; there are also a number of special elements.

These are small receptacles placed around the play area which the balls can either drop into (winning more balls) or bounce off.

Gorilla and Panda
These will appear on certain levels. These animals usually sit inside their cages and the balls just bounce off, but occasionally the tops of the cages open, they pop their heads up and start swallowing balls; these should win greater numbers of balls than the standard buckets.
Gorilla and Panda’s cages can only be opened if a ball drops into the mini slot and the release icons are won.

Fairground Merry-Go-Round
The Fairground merry-go-round works in the same way as the Gorilla and Panda except, rather than a cage being opened it starts to spin when it is activated and becomes receptive to balls.
If there is a ball that wins in the Gorilla, Panda or Merry-go-Round buckets and they have not been opened, then that ball should fall into the slot, trigger the win for opening the cage/bucket (or starting the merry-go-round) and fall out of the bottom.

Windmills should spin as balls hit them; the direction they spin in is based on where they are hit by the balls.

Mini Slot
A number of high paying buckets and a number of zero paying buckets are hidden within the slot; all the player will see is a ball dropping into the slot (through one of the 3 holes in the top); the slot being triggered and the result.
All balls entering the slot will trigger a spin of the slot, the win will reflect the value of the ‘hidden’ bucket that the ball entered.
The slot can also be used to pass on wins to the special item below it.
There will be also be alternating win and lose buckets at the bottom of the screen.

After each round there will be the choice of collecting your winnings or continuing to the next round. If the player chooses to continue to the next round then the graphics will change (to varying degrees).
There will be a maximum number of balls that will be carried over to the next round, any balls over this number will be automatically collected and their value added to the players balance.

Special Rounds
Every second round is a special ‘Dark’ round, with balls of fire and higher payouts.
When the player clicks Start instead of the normal silver balls, special fiery balls are used.
The payouts for this round are higher than for normal rounds. Collect or Continue
When all the balls have all played out and there are none left to release into the play area the player has two options; to continue or to collect.

If the player presses collect then they are ending the game and converting all the balls they have won back into cash which is immediately credited to their account. The balls are converted back into cash at the same value as they were bought at.

If the player chooses to continue then they bet the balls they have won. The player may play any number of rounds as long as they have balls remaining.


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Specific Games Rules for Pachinko ("Pachinko ")

1. Pachinko is played subject to these Pachinko Conditions in addition to the Terms of the Site and (where relevant) General Rules. The Terms of the Site and Ladbrokes’ General Rules will apply to any situations not covered by these Pachinko Conditions but, in the event of any inconsistency, these rules will prevail. By playing the Pachinko Game you agree to be bound by the Pachinko Conditions, the Terms of the Site and the General Rules (where relevant).

2. The maximum payout (meaning the aggregate winnings including returned stakes) for Pachinko for any one 24-hour period to any individual customer (including any other person accessing the Pachinko Game using your user identification) or to any group of customers acting together is £250,000.

3. The draws take place 'on demand'. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Terms of the Site or General Rules, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.

4. Pachinko bets cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may 2 or more draws be combined in accumulative bets.

5. If, for whatever the reason, a player is disconnected from the games server, the player can log in to Ladbrokesgames.com, re-enter the Pachinko and the game will resume where it previously left off.

6. Payouts quoted and bets offered may be altered from time to time.

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