Break The Bank

Bet Higher or Lower to Break the Bank and win big!

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What is Break The Bank?

Break The Bank is your chance to unlock the safe and walk away with the cash.

The Break The Bank Game

Break The Bank is a Hi-Lo game featuring a single dial surrounded by numbers from zero to nine. The aim is to guess whether the next number the dial points to will be higher or lower than the number shown. If five correct choices are picked a guaranteed cash win is unlocked. A further five consecutive correct answers unlock the next guaranteed prize. There are eight guaranteed prize rungs, each increasing in value. Eight consecutive cash prizes or 40 consecutive correct choices will unlock the safe and "Break The Bank".

How to Play Break The Bank

Choose the amount you wish to stake by using the arrows next to the stake amount (in the bottom left-hand corner). Then click on the 'PLAY' button. The number 9 will appear in the dial and you have to select whether the next number will be higher or lower. You can continue to select until you make an incorrect selection. Winnings are paid accordingly.

Bonus Features

There is a chance of activating the bonus dial each time you make a choice on the Hi-Lo dial. There are four possible bonuses that can be awarded, with an equal chance of each feature being awarded. The four bonus features are:

'Free Spin'

The free spin feature gives you immunity on the next spin. Whether you choose higher or lower correctly or not you are given a chance at the next spin.


Nudge allows you to change the number shown on the dial one number up or down. This can be used to give a greater chance of correctly predicting the next spin.

'Extra Life'

The extra life bonus gives you two chances to guess incorrectly as opposed to the one chance usually offered.

'9 out of 9'

This bonus automatically moves the dial to the number nine. In turn this gives a guaranteed correct selection on the next turn of the dial.


Payouts for Break The Bank are of greater value the greater the stake placed upon the game. The first unlocked prize is identical to the stake placed, the jackpot for breaking the bank is 50 times the stake value. There is no need to collect in Break The Bank, winning are automatically added to your account.


To speak to one of our Assistants:-

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Or,- Email us at: care@ladbrokesgames.com for account queries, game questions or any other support matter.

Specific Games Rules for the Break the Bank Game ("Break the Bank Conditions")

1. Break the Bank is played subject to these Break the Bank Conditions as well as the Terms of the Site and (where relevant) General Rules. The Terms of the Site and Ladbrokes’ General Rules will apply to any situations not covered by these Break the Bank Conditions but, in the event of any inconsistency, these rules will prevail. By playing the Break the Bank Game you agree to be bound by these Break the Bank Conditions, the Terms of the Site and the General Rules (where relevant).

2. Break the Bank is the name given by Ladbrokes to betting at fixed odds on the results of a sequence of random number draws displayed on a dial. The dial displays numbers 0 to 9. Five consecutive correct bets, unleashes a payout.

3. The maximum payout (meaning the aggregate winnings including returned stakes) for Break the Bank for any one 24-hour period to any individual customer (including any other person accessing the Break the Bank Game using your user identification) or to any group of customers acting together is £100,000, or currency equivalent.

4. Following an initial draw by Ladbrokes (always 9, we accept bets from you on whether you correctly predict the five (or up to 40) subsequent numbers to be drawn will be higher or lower in number than the previous number drawn. It is not possible to draw the same number twice in a row. You can win bonus features to help you along the way.

5. The draws take place 'on demand'. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Terms of the Site or General Rules, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.

6. Break the Bank is an accumulator game. Unless specified otherwise (see paragraph 7 below), all winnings will be added to stakes and the accumulated amount will be bet on the subsequent draw. If you lose a bet prior to predicting 5 numbers, all winnings and stakes at that time will be lost. Your winnings will be 'banked' for every payout stage (5 steps) you pass. Any such 'banked' winnings will be credited to your Ladbrokes.com account at the end of the game.

7. For each bet you place you will be awarded a chance of winning a bonus feature spin.

8. Upon winning a bonus feature spin, you have an even chance (1 in 4) of winning each of the bonuses. In the case you already have an extra life token stored, you will have an even chance (1 in 3) of winning any of the existing bonus features.

8.a. The extra life token will be stored and take you to the next step and allow you to keep playing, despite making an incorrect prediction.

8.b. Winning a 'Nudge', will allow you to "nudge" the dial one number in your favour at any given time throughout your game. Any Nudge tokens earned are lost following a losing bet.

8.c. Winning a 'Free Spin' bonus feature, will allow you to guess Higher or Lower on your following prediction with no chance of losing the bet. Any Free Spin token earned will automatically be used in the following prediction round.

8.d. Winning a '9 out of 9' will turn the dial to 9 before your next prediction, and thereby guaranteeing the next prediction to be correct. The '9 out of9' bonus can not be won if you are on 9 already.

9. Break the Bank Bets cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may 2 or more draws be combined in accumulative bets.

10. Payouts quoted and bets offered may be altered from time to time.

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