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Ultimate Keno

Chance your arm and get lucky with the numbers and take on Ultimate Keno!

Ultimate Keno is played by betting on which numbered balls will be drawn from a pot of eighty.
Twenty balls are drawn from each game, and prizes are paid depending on the number of balls selected and the number of correct selections. Ultimate Keno boasts fast play where the numbers can be drawn at an increased speed. In addition, a randomiser feature can also be found to where you can randomly select 1-15 numbers that you want to play with.

How to play Ultimate Keno

Selecting your bet - Press the Bet Up and Bet Down buttons to increase or decrease your Bet. Your Bet value is displayed in the Bet display.

Selecting your numbers - Press on any number to select it. You may select between 1 and 15 numbers. The payouts for all possible outcomes are displayed each time you make a change.

Press the Bet button to start the game. 20 numbered balls will be randomly drawn from the 80 available. As correct numbers are drawn, the Payouts display will update to show the current win value.

To deselect a number, press on any already selected number to deselect it. To clear all selections press the Clear button to completely clear all selections.

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