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Football Quiz

test your football knowledge!

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What Is Football Quiz?

Football Quiz brings the fun worlds of pub quiz and football together, played out over a virtual pitch. Answer multiple-choice general knowledge and football related questions with a chance to win real money prizes and the jackpot.

How to Play Football Quiz

The football Quiz Game
The aim of the game is to score goals with your team by correctly answering a series of general knowledge questions. Each correct answer will pass the ball to another member of your team and you will advance along the point’s bar. Once you have made enough passes, you will have a shot on goal and if you score you earn extra points. The more goals you score the bigger the prizes!

Question Categories
The question categories offered are:

  • Football
  • People & Places
  • Pop Music
  • Pot Luck
  • Science & Nature
  • Showbiz
  • World Cup

Placing Bets
In Football Quiz your stake is fixed so simply select PLAY to begin. You will then have a choice of categories to choose from. After choosing a category you must answer a related multiple-choice question within the set time limit by clicking on the correct answer.

To help you on your way, you are awarded a number of lives at the beginning of the game (shown on the top left of the screen) If you get a question incorrect, then a life will be lost. Lose all your lives and the game will end.

Time Limit
You must take care to answer the questions within the time limit. If you fail to answer the game is over.

Points Bar
The scrolling bar at the top of the screen shows you how many points you have won, and how many points are needed to win the next prize. Once you reach a prize you will be given the option to either collect that amount or continue playing.

Your team retains possession of the ball giving you a choice over the question category until an incorrect answer is given. At this point possession passes to the opposition. The opposition then chooses further question categories until you answer correctly to regain possession. Correct answers when not in possession will not count towards the points bar.

Bonus Cards
There are 3 bonus cards that may be played (once) during the game (shown on the top right of the screen).

If you do not like the categories offered, you may substitute one of them for a randomly selected new one. If a question is already active when the card is played then another question from the same category will replace it.

Long Pass
This allows you to pass the ball further up the field, and therefore reducing the number of questions needed to score a goal.

If you have lost possession and don’t want to answer the question, you can tackle your opponent and regain possession without the risk of losing a life.

Bonus Cups Rolling Jackpot
There is a rolling jackpot within the game, which is won by collecting a number of trophies (shown on the top left of the screen). Certain categories randomly have gold cups associated with them. If you answer the question from these categories correctly, the number of trophies required in order for a rolling jackpot to be paid out, is reduced. When all trophies have been collected the rolling jackpot is paid out. If you win this, you can still continue to win further prizes!

You can collect your current winnings at the category selection stage by pressing COLLECT at the bottom of the screen. When you win a prize you have the option to collect or continue. If you continue then you gamble your winnings against potential bigger prizes further in the game. The rolling jackpot is never gambled, if won this is yours no matter what happens later in the game. The game is over when you win £10 in normal prizes, collect any winnings, do not answer within the time limit or lose all your lives.

Real Play/Demo Play
Please note that for security reasons the Demo play version of Football Quiz only contains a limited selection of the questions found in Real Play and therefore the difficulty may vary between Demo and Real Play.


To speak to one of our Assistants:-

Call 0800 032 1133 (or +350 200 43003 if dialling from outside the UK) – contact us at your convenience, 24 hours a day.

Or,- Email us at: care@ladbrokesgames.com for account queries, game questions or any other support matter.

Specific Games Rules for the Football Quiz ("Football Quiz Conditions")

1. Football Quiz is played subject to these Football Quiz Conditions as well as the Terms of the Site and (where relevant) General Rules. The Terms of the Site and Ladbrokes' General Rules will apply to any situations not covered by these Football Quiz Conditions but, in the event of any inconsistency, these rules will prevail. By playing the Football Game you agree to be bound by these Football Quiz Conditions, the Terms of the Site and the General Rules (where relevant).

2. Football Quiz is the name given by Ladbrokes to betting on correctly answering a series of multiple-choice general knowledge questions for a fixed stake with the objective of winning cash prizes.

3. The maximum payout (meaning the aggregate winnings including returned stakes) for Football Quiz in any 24-hour period to any individual customer (including any other person accessing the Football Quiz Game using your user identification) or to any group of customers acting together is £100,000.

4. The game is over if you lose all your lives, collect your winnings or fail to answer a question within the time limit.

5. Questions are updated daily and are drawn from the following categories

  • Football
  • People & Places
  • Pop Music
  • Pot Luck
  • Science & Nature
  • Showbiz
  • World Cup

6. The game takes place 'on demand'. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Terms of the Site or General Rules, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.

7. Football Quiz bets cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may 2 or more draws be combined in accumulative bets.

8. Payouts quoted and bets offered may be altered from time to time.

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