Memorable Deal or No Deal Game Moments

We look back on some of the most memorable moment from Deal or No Deal. With 2,500 episodes there is plenty to choose from we highlight some of our favourites.

Most Memorable Deal or No Deal Game Moments

Twenty two boxes, £250,000 and just one question… The red boxes are sealed once again and the contestants are all ready for the 11th series of one of the UK’s most loved game shows. With over 2,500 episodes to choose from, we take a look back at some of the best Deal or No Deal game moments.


Throwing ‘convention, tradition and rules to the wind’ Mary played an epic game and was even found offering the Banker the swap! With £50,000 and £75,000 remaining, Mary walked away with the higher figure leaving everyone in the Dream Factory delighted and exhausted after one of the greatest games to date.


Back in 2011, the odds were against Suzanne who battled the Banker on Friday 13th- the Banker’s very own birthday. But what happened next was far off unlucky. Left with the two largest sums, Suzanne faced a difficult in-game offer of a staggering £160,000 and then opted for the swap, making the banker have a birthday he’d rather forget.


Ann won the heart of every viewer during her emotional, life changing game. Going into the final round with 50p and the big £250000 remaining, Ann became Deal or No Deal’s eighth quarter millionaire. But Ann’s game took a shocking turn when it came to purchasing special box 23…


It was the story of second chances for Alice who dealt at £17,500, but when she was left with the 1p and £250000 still in play in the final round she got an unexpected call from the banker. For the first time ever in the whole of Deal or No Deal history Alice was given the chance to return her £17500 and face the swap.


In this 10th anniversary special, previous winners were invited back for the chance to play for a second time. However unknowing to Noel, he would be the one to take a turn in the hot seat. Hosted by Sarah Millican, Noel won a respectable £26,000 for Children's Hospice South West, a charity close to his heart.

And a very memorable mistake…


Down to the last two boxes with £35000 and £75000 remaining, Gill waited anxiously for the reveal. However not everything went to plan when Noel pulled off the tape to find a blank box… All’s well in the end though as Gill walked away with a whopping £75,000!