Deal or no Deal game

The Deal Or No Deal High Low Game

Feeling lucky? Take a guess at whether you think the card is high or low with our Deal or No Deal High Low Game, to see if Lady Luck is on your side!

Welcome to the Deal or No Deal High Low game! If you’re looking for a simple game with the perfect buzz factor, to test whether Lady Luck is on your side, then the Deal or No Deal High Low Game is the perfect way to test yourself and your decision-making.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a good decision-maker, then the Deal or No Deal High Low Game is an easy way to polish your skills. All you have to do is choose whether the figure shown is higher or lower than the figure in the previous box. Sounds simple, right?

But all is left to chance as you face the fate of the box, until you can eventually whittle it down to the final few, and it can be a gruelling decision between the high and the low as you cross your fingers as the result rolls in. Hi-Lo is a very popular game, and if you’re successful, you might even think about taking on the real Deal or No Deal game.

So how exactly does it work, you ask? Well, a line of 26 boxes will be ready, waiting to be opened. As the first figure is shown in box one, you will have the option between higher and lower, and once you input your choice, if you get it right the box will disappear from the shelf, continuing onto the next box. But that’s not all. How fast you are to complete the game is vital, and the game will show your results on a leaderboard, so you can even challenge your friends to try and beat you!

Sharpen your decision-making skills with the Deal Or No Deal High Low Game, and take on your friends in the ultimate Hi/Lo battle with Ladbrokes.