Horror Movie Slots

Consider yourself a true horror movie fan? Test your fear factor on our Horror slots game to see how many of these classic and modern horror films you have seen.

Horror Movie Slots

Discover how brave you are by playing our horror movie slots game

With the spooky season upon us why not put your bravery to the test and see how many of these horror films you have watched. With some black and white classic and some more modern horrors there is sure to be some you have have seen… and never forgotten. Our online slots game gives you a result based on how many films you have seen from our horror selection.

How to play

1. Simply tick each box if you have seen the film

2.Use the up and down arrows to the right to change the movies

3. Once you have ticked all the movies you have seen press Get Result

Our online slot game machine will calculate your result and tell you how brave you really are!

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