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We’ve all been there, one minute we’re sat at our laptops working hard, then the next we’re somehow reading a Funny Cat Caption  or cat video on the internet and tagging our friends to make sure they’re procrastinating just as much. It’s a common theme that’s happening across the globe, so how is it that cats came to dominate the web? Here we delve in to the history of cats on the Internet and pick some of our favourite.

It all began in 2005 when Steve Chen uploaded the first ever cat video to YouTube, titled ‘Pyjamas playing with a rope’. Now, there are more than 2 million videos on YouTube of cats which have racked up a staggering 26 billion views! Some cats are even earning millions from their stardom.


Around the same time, on another corner of the Internet, LOLcat memes were swiftly rising to fame. Originating on the anonymous imageboard 4chan, and spreading through multiple forums, was the recognisable ‘I Can Haz Cheezeburger’ cat meme. This was the dawn of the cat macro image superimposed with broken English text.

This partivular meme appeared in the mid 2000’s and has spawned many similar memes involving cats appearing to interact with invisible items. You may have also heard of the ‘Invisible sandwhich’ meme too.


Nyan cat is one of the most famous cats out there on the web. It is an 8-bit animation that surged to fame in 2011 on YouTube. Created by Chris Torrres it is simply a pop tart shaped feline flying along through space, with a rainbow vapour trail and a catchy tune to go with it, because…why not?!

Cat Breading or Breading cats began in August 2011 when a picture of a cat with its face in a piece of sliced web was introduced to the internet. It quickly gained huge popularity and within days appeared on all major meme sites. After that the trend really took off and people around the world uploaded pictures of their cats being ‘breaded’. A very amusing fad for us humans but perhaps not so much for our four legged friends!


Grumpy cat is an internet sensation and is actually known as Tardar Sauce. An under-bite and feline dwarfism caused her to have what is now her very distinctive ‘grumpy face’. She entered the realm of the meme in 2012 after the brother of her owner posted a picture of her on the site Reddit. She has since become known globally as Grumpy cat and has even appeared in feature films!

Torpedo cat, also known as ‘bullet cat’, ‘hover cat’ and even ‘missile cat’ has been seen by millions across the globe. It is unknown where the picture came from but it has been used by meme creators in various ways most notably to try and restore order in certain online conversation threads, in a similar way to ‘serious cat’.

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