The Dark Knight is the Best Superhero Film Ever

The Dark Knight is the Best Superhero Film Ever

Superheroes have never been cooler. Thanks to the likes of Batman showing his dark (knight) side, and Avengers Assemble being hailed as one of the funniest movies of 2012, we just can’t get enough of superheroes on our big screen.

The Dark Knight is the best superhero film ever made – Ladbrokes survey

A lot of the classic super humans have been around for a while now and have become an ingrained part of our culture. Superman has been with us for over 75 years and has become a well-known as Mickey Mouse in the process.

Here at Ladbrokes Games we were interested in finding out just what exactly you think about the most famous superheroes and what your thoughts are on the movies, so we surveyed 1,000 people – and here’s what they had to say.

Key Stats
  • Hulk came out as the most-popular choice with men in the toughest superhero category, with women opting for Batman.
  • The famous Batmobile is considered by a whopping 62% of people to be the best superhero vehicle.
  • Most people admitted to getting their superhero fix through the movies as 75% of people prefer the big screen over comics (12%), cartoons (7%), and video games (5%)
  • Thanks to Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, 59% of people would choose Marvel Comics over DC Comics. In fact, 41% of men would be happy to give up DC Comics in favour of Marvel.
  • The Dark Knight (21%) and The Dark Knight Rises (19%) were selected by men as the best superhero films ever. Women also enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises (16%), but named Avengers Assemble (17%) as their favourite. The Dark Knight (18%) took the overall title.
  • Catwoman (22%) was voted as the worst superhero film of all time.
  • There seems to be indifference to the prospect of another Batman film, however, as one in four said they wouldn’t like to see another actor take the role. If pushed, though, Ryan Gosling was the top choice.
  • Spiderman’s Web Shooters (38%) topped the poll for the best superhero gadget, while Batman’s Batarang (5%) was considered to be the worst.
  • Men would most like to date Catwoman (30%), followed by Wonder Woman (25%) if she’s not available. Women, meanwhile, would most like to date Iron Man (20%), closely followed by Wolverine (19%) and Batman (18%).

As a little test, we thought we’d end our survey by asking people to guess which one of the following bizarrely-named superheroes was actually real. Check out the results…

  • Gun Bird (23% thought this a real character)
  • Chap of Steel (16%)
  • Nigel (16%)
  • Goose Man (15%)
  • Nail Gun Face (14%)
  • Arm Fall Off Boy (9%)
  • Mashed Potato in a Sock Man (7%)

So who is the real superhero?

Believe it or not, Arm Fall Off Boy is in fact a real superhero. With the ability to pull off his own arm and attack enemies with it, we’re not entirely surprised this character has yet to receive a gritty Hollywood reimagining.

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