Online Gaming

There are loads of Online Games available at Ladbrokes Games!}

Of all the online gaming sites out there, Ladbrokes are among the best!

There are absolutely loads of online gaming sites out there, but none can match Ladbrokes for the quality of online games we have and the size of the prizes we offer!

The games we offer are many and varied, which is why we’re one of the most popular of the online gaming sites. We’ve got everything from slot machines to table and card games, all the way through to arcade games and virtual sports.

While other online gaming sites are happy to stick with the traditional idea of what a slot machine should be, at Ladbrokes we’re always looking to try new things. One innovative game we offer that other online gaming sites aren’t able to is the excellent The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring slot machine.

It’s an incredible 243-way win line video slot with some incredible cinematic spins. To make things even better, there is even the chance to win nearly £100,000 if you’re lucky enough to bag the top prize.

Ladbrokes takes gaming online to a whole new level!

It’s not just slot machines that offer you the chance to win some seriously large amounts of money – our virtual sports games also give you the chance to win huge amounts of cash that other online gaming sites aren’t able to offer.

One of the most popular virtual sports games we offer is Soccershots. It’s a pinball-style game in which you shoot footballs from a cannon and follow them as they ricochet around the table and towards the numbered boxes at the bottom.

You need to use all of your skill and judgement to choose the best angle to avoid the pins and land the balls in the boxes. All the boxes are numbered, so the higher the value on the box, the greater your win will be.

With the chance to play up to 99 balls and stake up to £50 on each shot, there is some seriously large amounts of money to be won.

However, if you’re not quite ready to play for real money just yet, then there is always the option to play Soccershots – and many of our other fantastic multiplayer games online.

Unlike other online gaming sites, we know that playing for large amounts of money is only part of the reason you play best online games, which is why you can experience all the fun and excitement of our games for free!

So, what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to join us at Ladbrokes!